Joffe Talk Lets Talk Real Estate

Joffe Talk Lets Talk Real Estate

Wow – Why So Many Homes For Sale In Arcadia?

My wife and I were talking business over dinner last night, which we often do, and she asked me a very simple question. “What is going on with the Arcadia market?” The answer to that is often as straightforward as the question, but last night it was not. I told her that there are 16 homes available for sale on Exeter alone. We both shook our heads and I repeated “16 homes!” She then asked, “Why aren’t they selling, what does that mean, what should our strategy be?”

As she was firing off questions, I thought about a few things. First, we are in a buyers’ market for sure. The number of homes for sale is driving the competition. Exeter Blvd is one of the most sought after streets in all of Arizona and in the past, if a home came up on Exeter, it sold. Now, homes are sitting. This is the case all over the neighborhood and the reasons are pretty simple. Builder product is driving pricing, people are looking for new construction and many of you are downsizing, which leaves so many beautiful 10 to 15 year old homes on the market much longer than anyone would like to see.

There are solutions, and your home will eventually sell, but it’s very important to position it correctly and price it right. A realistic point of view is absolutely imperative and working with a true real estate professional, whether it’s me or one of my worthy colleagues is a must. Right now, so many people have their licenses because why not, right? Showing homes is fun. But actually selling, negotiating and marketing those homes, and understanding the intricacies of the real estate business, is an entirely different story. Do yourself a favor and trust a career minded real estate agent with experience and business acumen. This is arguably the most important possession you own so don’t make light of who you partner with to get the most from our investment.

Give me a call, I’m happy to discuss this ever changing, sometimes frustrating, but always exciting real estate market.

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