These Sure Are Interesting Times

These Sure Are Interesting Times

I’ve been waiting to write this blog for quite some time because with so much sickness, sadness, and turmoil in the world, talking about business seems self indulgent to me. However, what I’ve realized is that we need our everyday distractions, hobbies, curiosities, passions, and business interests to take our minds off all the things that are less than pleasant surrounding us. So, I think it’s okay to address market conditions and give you a momentary reprieve from thoughts that are certainly more important in the grand scheme of things.

With that being said, as usual, the questions continue to come at me on a daily basis. I’m asked, of course, about the state of the Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and the luxury market in general. People are curious about the current loan process and availability of funds, and I’m asked most for my philosphy on buying and selling during this very unique time.

The answer may surprise you, but the market is robust. Whether it be that people just feel we must enjoy our lives when we can, other relevant market and financial factors, or the influx of out of state buyers, it’s very active out there in price ranges across the board. Buyers are purchasing at fair market value, and sellers aren’t engaging fire sale pricing.

I'm very bullish on the summer months this year. I expect there to be numerous opportunities on both the buy and sell side. We’re staying closer to home and evaluating our living space, and many are experiencing financial instability, so I’m finding that the market is speaking to us, and it’s not speaking of quieting down any time soon.

We are now living in a time when the world has asked us to reevaluate our priorities, we have reconnected with our families in many cases, and we have reconnected with our humanity, as well. It’s not easy, and we all have, and are entitled to varying opinions. But from a strictly business perspective, this unprecedented time is translating into a prosperous time for the phoenix area real estate market.

And finally, If there is one thing I can say about buying or selling in this market, I need to stress the importance of using a seasoned professional for guidance. If there is a negative to the current conditions, it’s the difficulty of maneuvering negotiations and massaging the loan process. Yes, deals are happening, but they are taking more creativity and market intelligence than they have in my 30 plus years in the real estate business. When you do engage in the process, you need quality representation to protect your interests!

Feel like talking real estate? Please call me, I always pick up my phone when it rings. You can also contact any of the very talented agents at The Joffe Group. We’re happy to talk anytime, it's what we do.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay Positive!


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